The so-called precision air conditioning is an important element of the CKG offer.

The task of precision air conditioning is to maintain very specific air parameters in a given room. In addition to maintaining appropriate temperature in the room, it is also responsible for maintaining appropriate humidity (40-60%) and air purity.

Precision air conditioning is used, among others, in power switchboards, IT rooms (server rooms, Data Center, technical rooms) or laboratories.

Full service

Our precise air-conditioning offer includes a wide range of various types of devices with the possibility of extending it with further modules (including InRow row air conditioners, so-called air-conditioning cabinets, heat removal systems and others).

A wide range of devices allows to adapt the air-conditioning system to the customer’s expectations and the requirements of the industry in which it operates. High-class modules and components we use are adapted to work in the most restrictive environments and ensure reliability and safety in continuous operation.

We provide our customers with comprehensive orders processing, from design through its implementation to service work, ensuring long-term and trouble-free operation of air conditioning devices.



The CKG company was initially established in the vicinity of Wroclaw. It has expanded over the years and opened new branches in Poland and Germany.

Our work is constant development and searching for new solutions.



The client’s assumptions are our priority

Innovative solutions for companies are primarily the result of many years of presence on the market of heating, sewage and ventilation systems.

Entrepreneurs appreciate effective solutions that allow them to save time and money, which are of double importance for business.


Friendly spaces for everyone

Individual customers primarily focus on solutions that allow them and their families to live better in a common space. Both the finances and the comfort of residents are most important here.

Economic solutions make common space more comfortable and better, and enables all household members to use it on the same terms.


We approach each order individually. We try to combine technical possibilities with the real needs of our customers. We are well aware of how much depends on the right design, which is why we make every effort to specify all details already at this stage.

Details have realistic and significant impact on the final outcome of the project. Therefore, we make sure that nothing is overlooked during the design process, and that the final effect is fully satisfactory for both corporate and individual customers.


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